Sport and Culture

  • Organizing National, World and European championships
  • Organizing concerts, exhibitions, art formats suitable for product presentation and other corporate projects
  • Creating appropriate advertising formats:
- online – websites, portals, landing pages, online shops, online applications,
print materials – brochures, catalogues, periodical advertisements, printed product samples, 
- packaging - visual concept of single and / or series packaging - boxes, bags, buckets, vials, etc .; samples of systems, accessories, products
- outdoor advertising - large format printing, flags, 3D stationary objects (totems, models, demo models), illuminated advertising formats, art objects
multimedia - audio, video, short movies, 3D visual formats, animation
POS, offices, representative halls, exhibitions - design of corporate spaces, visual concept of POS (chains, showroom), visual solutions for industry exhibitions, design of shop windows - spatial solutions, organization, branding organization, decoration of corporate events
  • Preparation of audio and video production for broadcasting in national and regional electronic media - planning and conducting advertising campaigns
  • Planning and negotiating the broadcasting of advertising formats in all types of communication channels,