VILA AGENCY is on your side

The whole management of projects from setting the goals to the steps of planning and making it, also the control of the time and expenses in different campaigns offers to our clients the biggest possible reliability.

Services such as integration of every participating partner, managing the relations with subcontractors and suppliers, based on long-term cooperation are proven standards, which guarantee the achievement of the planned results.
  • Processing and structuring the information from the specific branch,
  • Defining every object (product, service, logistic and other units),
  • Making a profile of every subject and the relations between them (professional partners B2B and customers B2C),
  • Marketing consultations,
  • Setting short-term and long-term goals,
  • Strategies construction,
  • Building a creative concept,
  • Creating content in a complex of suitable appropriate advertising,
  • Planning and broadcasting different advertisements in every kind of communication channels,
  • Control and coordination of leading the strategies.