Vila Agency Marketing



Our expert team considers that the shortest way to a long-term corporate success is pursuant to the set goal solution, taken on the base of strategic branch information and professional assessment. Every marketing strategy is composed out of an actual marketing model, evaluated from the attitude of each target group. As a result we count on specific ways of influencing and managing our purposive communication, we stimulate the market relations with clearly planned promotion activities to increase the sales (of products or services) and to build and sustain the corporate image and reputation. 
Our leading concept is about the global, market-orientated, corporate management, the ability of satisfying the needs and the expectations of our clients and the other interested partners. These are the ways we use to spread the understanding of the word – marketing. From an operative technology that includes influencing the purchase decision to the concept of managing that involves different functions like associative price of the products or services, emotional attachment to them and to the rest of the traditional marketing mix like purchases, production, administration, staff and professional units from the marketing chain.

Briefing  Positioning  Research  Brainstorming

 Project management  Coordination  Logistic  Financial control  Technical organization

Ideas and conceptions:
 Creative idea  Visual concept  Key visual  Copy Writing – short forms, PR, script   Advertising formats  Strategic development of the concept

 Building a visual corporate identity  Graphic design for printing materials  Large scale printing and Out-of-home advertising  Design for products and advertising boxesProduct and package design   Online visual files/formats  3D visual formats, animation  Unique plastic price formats    Serial publications and bulletins  Illustration and layout /styling of books, author  catalogues, art  Design of corporate media  Visual design of point of sales (chains, showroom)  Visual solutions for branch exhibitions  Design for showcases– Spatial solutions  Decoration – private and corporative events   Galleries and exhibitions

 Digital marketing  Managing social media communications   Google Ads   Programmatic   Website development  Online shops development   Online software  Landing pages