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Every event brings its own unique character. Vila Agency event management team thinks and believes that the most important in the event organization is to have a clear idea of the goals, a meaningful concept for achieving them in the long-term as part of the entire marketing complex. In addition, we know that every little detail is essential for the event to run smoothly and risk-free for our customers or own teams! This is why Vila Agency is the perfect combination of different experts whose common strengths are the original case-specific solutions, creative concepts, thematic decoration, original spatial and stage solutions – for a maximum impression on thematic events involving all senses of the participants. 


-    Corporate events,
-     Advertising campaigns and BTL events,
-     Product promotion,
-     Degustations,
-    Music events,
-     Sport events,
-     Reality-scenario type events,
-    Thematic events with various decors and props,
-    Teambuilding programs and activities, 
-    Organization and coordination of seminars, webinars and trainings,
-    Organization of concerts, 
-     Exhibitions,
-     Anniversary events, 
-    Organization of corporate birthday and Christmas parties,
-     Events featuring popular personalities, musicians, artists, scientists,
-    Events featuring people with special skills – yoga gurus, auto and motoring, relax and massage, culinary and others, 
-    Show-programs.

We always approach every event with attention and care as giving it its own style. We make that possible by providing a wide range of services needed to organize impactful and memorable events, which last.